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Online Notetaker Application

Eligibility Requirements

Thanks for your interest in being a note taker.: Students that are eligible to be note takers must attend class regularly and scan and upload their notes within 48 hours of each time the class meets. Students that are chosen to be notetakers are eligible to receive a small cash stipend, or a letter of commendation for helping disabled students.

New Note Takers
Please enter your SCU ID number, enter the username you'd like to use and your SCU email address. You'll be emailed a password for DR Online Services where you can enter the 5-digit section number for the class or classes for which you'd like to take notes for. We will contact you if you are needed.
Step 1: Specify Login Information
  1. Please use your student ID number, removing the W and adding as many zeroes as needed in the front to make it 11 digits. For example, if your student ID is W0123456, you would enter 00000123456.
  2. Please enter email address that ends in, for example:
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